TIRED of Spending

TOO MUCH on Groceries??

READ ON to Learn How to Save On Groceries Now!

And YOU could SAVE as much as 40%, 50%,

Even 100% OFF on Brand Name items

you never thought possible until now!

And the best part is that through my process, you can simply repeat this process every week for as long as you desire and save tons of money in the process!  You'll still rub your eyes in amazement as to what you can save!

Here is part of my pantry at the moment!  Doesn't it look nice and stocked up?

Could you believe that I spent less than $100.00 on all of these items?

How to Save On Groceries Now to Make Your Pantry, Look Like This!

This is part of my pantry at home now, as a result of spending less on groceries.

And if you notice, most of the items in my pantry are Name Brand items too!

More for Less always pleases me... how about you?

Will This Process That You Teach Work For Me?

"I find it a bit hard to believe that I can save 40% or more, especially beyond 90% off on Brand Name items.  Is this really possible at all and will this work for me?"

You know, it's funny because I used to be such a skeptic, thinking that no one could save much on brand name items, and that the only way you could accomplish this was simply to go to Walmart since their prices are generally cheaper.  

However, within a few months if that long, I've learned that there are ways to spend less on groceries for much cheaper than Walmart, that's right, Walmart even prices their items as.

And, I'm actually still able to save on groceries in the same manner that I have been doing so now for over a year, which is great, given today's date is , so you can do the same as well!

I used to think things like "here we go again, another $500 bill on groceries this month" and "why can't groceries be less".  I even at times thought of going Non Name Brand only.  And while the companies will tell you that non name brand items are equal to the name brand stuff, you and I both know that there are several foods in which name brand tastes better, at least I feel so anyway.  So I didn't want to resort to buying foods I DON'T like just to save a dollar.

AND, if you notice, even the Non Name Brand items are GOING UP in prices as well!  It makes no sense what this economy has done... prices soar, jobs are lost, income earned is less.  How can we even save on groceries when things keep getting worse?  And that's when I had to take a closer look at things, especially with what happened to me!

The Truth On How to SAVE On Groceries

Learn How to Save On Groceries Today!Do you want me to tell you the truth on how you can spend less on groceries?  Well, the two things you need to know are, Supermarkets (Yes, supermarkets!) and Coupons!

I know what you're probably thinking now... I'm sticking with Walmart, supermarkets cost WAYY too much money.  Am I right?  

It's okay if that's what you thought.  I thought the SAME EXACT WAY for years!  We all swore by Walmart's "Lowest Prices" advertising as well and for a long while, I was brainwashed and lived by it.

But I don't live by it anymore, not for the last year or so now, and I am confident that I can change your thinking as well once you're done reading further.

And yes, you would be correct in that supermarkets DO cost more than Walmart, BUT, I'll also tell you that I've managed to turn the tables on the supermarkets and that I can show you how to save on groceries as well in the same manner that I do!  You never know what may happen and what can impact your shopping habits drastically if you resort to the regular old "Walmart" ways.

And after what happened to me, I had to re-evaluate things and shopping habits... after all, once things hit home, as I'm sure many of you may be going through (though I pray NOT), you realize that you have to cut corners to try to make ends meet, ESPECIALLY when you also have children.  And that's what prompted me to put this together, just for people like us who are Tired of spending so much on groceries that it hurts!

Sorry, I tend to get a bit into wanting to help, that I sometimes forget to introduce myself.  My name is German Lopez, I'm a happily married 35 year old guy with a loving and enjoyable 2 year old son.  My wife and I lived happily, working decent jobs and planning our future together, planning to raise children one day, and so on.  We weren't rich at all, but we were happy and comfortable.  But sometimes being a bit comfortable is where things can impact you the most and when I went through my ordeal a couple of years ago, right when my wife was pregnant with our first child, that's when things really started to hit home.

I don't need to read any further!  Tell me how I can Spend Less on Groceries Right Now!

It Happened To Me, and It Can Happen to Anyone... Even You!!

Sadly, after working with my company for 10 years, the recession took its toll, and with a merger that occurred with the company I worked for and another, it pretty much floored us after the merger was complete, to which the end result was losing my job.  Yes, after 10 years of work, I was now laid off and colecting unemployment.  Sadly, it happened to me, and it can happen to YOU!!

We were grateful and blessed for the 10 years I worked, and the severence pay that I received.  But, when the job market is tough as it is now, finding work is difficult, and I had searched for months and months and there were no prospects contacting me for interviews.  

I was collecting unemployment but after some time, even it ran out.  And that meant no additional income coming in now.  Something like this would make any person try to find ways of reducing bills, but when you're not a big spender as it is, this can be more difficult to do, as we all need light, water, gas, and of course, FOOD.

What made matters more difficult is that we also now had our child, so medical bills for pregnancies and delivery is NOT CHEAP, even with insurance that we had, thankfully.  But now, we had to figure out where to cut corners and where to make ends meet so that we weren't eventually behind on our mortgage or other expenses that we would wind up losing it all!

And the other dillemma was, if I found a job that would hire me, how much would I earn from this job?  It would have to be enough to definitely cover daycare expenses... after all, if you're a parent, you and I know how costly those can be for just ONE MONTH!  So things were looking a bit bleak, but I knew I had to find a way to reduce expenses in our home to give us some breathing room.

I couldn't imagine losing our house, especially with a child, so I HAD TO DO SOMETHING!

If I didn't think of something quick, and something effective, the fear was that we would have to lose our home or struggle.  And it wasn't like we could easily move in with someone, given that we were married with a little baby boy of our own now.  I had to do something!

The Change and Blessing Of Our Lives!!

It was at a point where I would've never thought that things would change.  But thank God, they did, and it was through a show called Extreme Couponing that the blessing came.

Before you go on about the show, I'm not saying that I did what they do on the show.  I actually don't know the full legitimacy of the show or what is done behind the scenes, and I feel that although the show IS Real, that it's staged as well.  Perhaps the grocery stores on the show allow their customers to spend less on groceries in the manner they do simply to get them publicity as well.  

Like I said, I can't say whether the show IS or isn't real.  I know that what THEY do on the show, I couldn't do, simply because my supermarkets will NOT allow it... another reason I feel there is some behind the scenes staging going on for this show.

However, the simple fact was that the show itself gave me the idea on couponing, and so it was at that point that I started to do my own research on couponing and learning the ropes myself.

It's funny because coupons have been around for ages, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that the Extreme Couponing show was the show that gave me the idea to look into couponing.  Prior to that, I never picked up a Sunday paper, but then, as I mentioned earlier, we were living comfortably, and so couponing was something I pushed away for years... until I found myself now actually researching and learning how to use them!

If I Had Only Known About How To Save On Groceries Like This Years Ago...

So I jump in head first into this new game of couponing, after having done more research and trying to figure out what I had to do.  I didn't know anything.  After all, the concept of couponing was completely new to me.  

As I started learning more and more about them, and learning what to do and not do, what to set up, and how to shop smarter, I was amazed on the first month of my doing it as to the money I started to save on some of the items I had bought!  (I thought I was doing such a great job, until I learned I didn't do as great as I thought at first)

It's AMAZING that when you learn how to shop, and how to use your coupons, that you can spend less on groceries and save more than you thought possible!  Below are a few of the items I bought my first month of using coupons and shopping at my supermarkets nearby:

Some Items I bought when I started couponing in late May thru early June 2011


Original Price

Price After Coupons


(percent off)

Multigrain Cheerios* 14oz Box (2 boxes)



4.28  (55% off)

Morningstar* Burgers



1.00  (23% off)

Dixie Crystals* Sugar 4 lb bag



1.89  (65% off)

General Mills* Rice Chex 12.8 oz



1.00  (23% off)

Ovaltine* Drink Mix



1.00  (22% off)

Jell-O* Snacks



1.00  (33% off)

Newman's* Salad Dressing



1.50  (39% off)

Smucker's Jelly (small jar)



1.10  (35% off)

A1* Steak Sauce



2.00  (47% off)





(39% off!)

*The above mentioned name brands are not affiliated in any way, shape or form to SpendLessOnGroceries.com

After I calculated my savings for the first month I started couponing, I was shocked... I had saved close to 40% off on a few items from coupons I had managed to get from my Sunday paper.  I was so excited that I was able to save something!

It felt good to save... but the savings weren't enough.  The bills were still suffocating a bit, and I needed to figure out how to do a better job at couponing.  Any type of savings is good, but I told myself I had to achieve more, especially with having a reduced income coming into the household with my being unemployed.  

These were after all, a few lucky items I had managed to find coupons for in the paper.  And though I looked in the newspaper after the run above, I didn't do well afterwards with couponing as some of the newspapers I bought didn't have coupons for the products I needed at all!  

I was dumbfounded.  How did these people on Extreme Couponing get all their coupons?  Did they really dumpster dive for everything?  And more so, was I GOING to dumpster dive?  

That my friends, was a negative.  I wasn't about to dive into any dumpster with hopes that I find coupons that worked for me.  But there had to be another way to do this.  Even more, I was able to save almost 40% on a few of those items, but I wanted to be able to do that more consistently.  There had to be more to it.  So I continued to look further into things.

Trial and Error and Research Helped Increase Those Savings Even More!!

After trial and error, learning the ropes, and learning what to do and what not to do, I was able to get a better handle on things, and as a result, I was able to save more as well!  In fact, I Finally hit a savings mark that I was much happier with than the 39% above!

After all, when you have little to guide you other than your own research and testing, your own trial and error, you have to go through more hurdles than you want to.  And that's what I did.  I learned that spending money on newspapers wasn't the best answer, and dumpster diving wasn't going to cut it for me.  I also learned how to save on groceries the right way, not the so-so way.

But with digging deeper into the couponing, I was able to increase those percentages of savings even more to my benefit.  I started learning other options that I could use to my benefit to reduce the savings even more, and to keep more in our pocket as well!

I also learned that coupons are worth more than you may have known about, and using that to your advantage will help you save BIG on Name Brand items!  Yes, I repeat, NAME BRAND ITEMS as you'll see on my chart below shortly!!  Could you imagine saving 80% or more on Kellogg's cereal?  

Or what about saving over 70% or more on coffee creamer?  Do you like coffee?  If you love coffee and love creamer like I do, you already know that creamers can eat a bit of a hole in your pocket!  

And no frills creamer, to me anyway, just doesn't taste that great in comparison to Coffee-Mate or International Delight!  

I love my coffee and International Delight Hazelnut creamer... I'm almost tempted to make a cup right now, but I don't want to delay telling you any further on how couponing will help.  

You however, are more than welcome to pour yourself a nice cup of coffee and read along further.

Of course, with that coffee craving comes the need to buy sugar as another item in your home.  Sugar can be costly, not just for coffee drinking, but in general!  There are many products though that you can save pretty well on, when you learn how to shop smarter and learn how to better use coupons.

Here's another list on some items I was able to save on after learning more.  The list below is a list of items I had bought within a two month timeframe.  I bought them roughly about a month or so after the list of items on the chart above:

Below are some more items I bought within mid June thru end of August 2011 and what I saved on each!

The best part is, even as of today, , I'm STILL Saving on groceries just like I saved on the items you see below!!


Original Price

Price After Coupons


(percent off)

Colgate* Toothpaste 4.0oz



2.89  (100% off)

Colgate Advanced* Toothpaste



2.99  (75% off)

Dixie Crystals* Sugar 4lb Bag



1.89  (65% off)

Kellogg's* Corn Pops  12oz Box



3.04  (92% off)

Muellers* Grain Pasta Spaghetti



1.99  (100% off)

Ritz* Crackerfuls Snacks (2 packs)



7.00  (88% off)

Snuggle* Dryer Sheets  (2 boxes)



6.00  (75% off)

Kingsford* Match Light Charcoal 12lb Bag



7.02  (60% off)

Fiber One* Cereal  (2 boxes)



5.78  (66% off)

Ritz* Crackers  (2 boxes)



5.00  (63% off)

Hefty* Storage Zip Bags 13 Gallon (6 boxes)



7.32  (84% off)

Pompeian* Olive Oil 32oz Bottles (3 bottles)



20.22  (58% off)

Cheez-Its* Crackers  (2 boxes)



6.78  (75% off)

Klondike* Ice Cream Bars 6pk (2 packs)



8.70  (93% off)

Silk* Soymilk  (2 half gallon cartons)



3.04  (40% off)

Tennessee Pride* Pork Sausage Roll (2 rolls)



6.20  (67% off)

Cottonelle* 12pack Toilet Tissue (2 packages)



11.00  (50% off)

Tide* Liquid Detergent 50oz



3.30  (40% off)

Fiber One* Brownies (3 boxes)



7.37  (75% off)

Land O' Lakes* Dozen Eggs (2 cartons)



6.28  (95% off)

Luigi's* Italian Ices Box



2.70  (80% off)

Crest* Toothpaste 4.0oz



3.61  (83% off)

International Delight* Creamer (2 bottles)



3.24  (74% off)

Ortega* Taco Shells  (3 boxes)



4.37  (64% off)

Huggies* Baby Wipes 64ct (2 boxes)



4.00  (50% off)

Oral-B* Floss Picks



1.80  (65% off)

Lance* Cracker Creations (2 boxes)



3.99  (67% off)

Barilla* Piccolini Noodles



2.40  (93% off)

Smuckers* Ice Cream Toppings  (2 jars)



3.20  (73% off)

Weber* Seasonings  (2 bottles)



4.00  (67% off)

Oreo* Cookies  (4 packs)



7.00  (44% off)

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (4 small bottles)



6.76  (100% off)

Clorox* Bleach 96oz  (2 containers)



2.84  (55% off)

Hellmann's* Mayonnaise



3.85  (67% off)

Degree* Deodorant  (3 sticks)



5.97  (66% off)

Skippy* Peanut Butter  (2 jars)



3.99  (66% off)





(67% off!)

*The above mentioned name brands are not affiliated in any way, shape or form to SpendLessOnGroceries.com

Do you SEE THE SAVINGS ADD UP?  Remember the first chart I showed you?  I only managed to save 39% total, and the highest product I had saved on, was 55% off on MultiGrain Cheerios on the first chart above!

But LOOK AGAIN at the chart above!  The Lowest item I saved on this time was 40% off, while there were a few items I saved 100% Off on which netted me some FREE Groceries as a result!

When was the last time you got any grocery item Completely FREE?

As you can see, everything I mentioned on the list above (which is part of the larger variety of items I was able to save on) is a Name Brand item!  I made sure to list a variety of different things from snacks, condiments, desserts, even cleaning and health/beauty items as well!  You'll also notice that I mentioned for some of the items, that I bought more than one.  And I can show you how to save on groceries and what I did to get these crazy prices!

And once you're able to learn the ropes and start couponing in the manner that I do, you can start to stock up on some items that you won't have to worry about buying for awhile after you've bought a good supply!

And again, if you noticed at a couple of the items above, I didn't pay a dime for them after coupons were done!  Of course, I do want to make clear that the free items will also vary with supermarkets and their coupon policies, but there are currently lots of supermarkets out there that do mark the price down to zero once the coupon is redeemed!

Here's the latest items that I was able to save on, just so you can get an idea of how I'm still able to save to this day!

These products bought within the last few weeks til Current Date Today of 2/1/12

And these items were purchased from Supermarkets, not Walmart


Original Price

Price After Coupons


(percent off)

Campbells* Go Soup



1.99  (67% off)

General Mills* Multigrain Cheerios (12oz)



5.99  (73% off)

Oreo's* Cookies



4.48  (56% off)

Nabisco Ritz* Crackers (2 boxes)



5.65  (68% off)

Keebler* Club Crackers (2 boxes)



4.38  (59% off)

Silk* Soymilk (2 half gallon containers)



3.76  (57% off)

Classico* Pasta Sauce (4 jars)



9.90  (84% off)

Gevalia Kaffe* Coffee Bag



4.80  (52% off)

Cool Whip* Whipping Cream



1.50  (75% off)

Dixie Crystals* 4lb Sugar



3.02  (87% off)

Dixie Crystals* 4lb Sugar



3.02  (87% off)

Welch's* Grape Juice



2.65  (58% off)

KC Masterpiece* Marinade



1.50  (46% off)

KC Masterpiece* Marinade



1.50  (46% off)

General Mills* Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12oz



2.45  (65% off)

General Mills* Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12oz



2.45  (65% off)

General Mills* Original Cheerios 10oz



3.40  (99% off)

General Mills* Chex (2 boxes)



7.20  (95% off)

Kraft* Shredded Cheese (2 bags)



4.45  (64% off)

Eggland's Best* Dozen Eggs



2.19  (55% off)

Dimetapp* Children's Medicine



4.75  (59% off)

General Mills* Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12oz



2.95  (79% off)

Kraft* Blocked / Chunk Cheese (2 blocks)



4.68  (63% off)

Dawn* Dishwashing Soap (small bottle)



1.10  (69% off)

Hefty* Blackout Garbage Bags 13gal (3 boxes)



16.79  (62% off)

Silk* Fruit & Protein Mango Peach quart



1.73  (87% off)

Prego* Spaghetti Sauce (2 jars)



2.76  (56% off)

Green Giant* Creamed Spinach (3 boxes)



4.29  (72% off)

Kellogg's* Rice Krispies 12oz (2 boxes)



7.24  (85% off)

Kellogg's* Crispix cereal 12oz (2 boxes)



6.98  (87% off)





(68% off!)

*The above mentioned name brands are not affiliated in any way, shape or form to SpendLessOnGroceries.com

Are you looking at the savings above in amazement??  I know I was, and the funny thing is, even though I've been doing it for awhile now, it never stops amazing me as to the savings I make.  Then again, any savings for me is a great thing, but to be able to save like the above items listed on a regular basis is amazing!  I'm sure you can probably remember spending $37 bucks on maybe 4 or 5 things total, let alone all of the items mentioned above.  Do you see the power of learning how to save the right way on groceries?

"I'm Ready To Get My Copy Now!  Take Me There!"

My local supermarkets at this time will stop the total at $0.00.  However, they will not give you a credit back for whatever excess may have remained.  So, if you buy something that is on sale for $1.50 for example, and you use a $2.00 off coupon, the item will mark down to $0.00 but you will not get a $0.50 credit towards your total or in your pocket.  However, some supermarkets may not take your coupon if it exceeds the amount the item is on sale for.  It's all about knowing your supermarket's policies.

I spent LESS than $100.00 for close to $300.00 in groceries just with some of the items above!  And you can do it too Starting TODAY!

As you can see on the chart above though, within two months or less, I managed to buy a lot more items, and save a lot more money overall!  Could you imagine reducing your grocery bill to 67% off?  Or even reducing it to 50% off?  Any percentage means that you're saving money, but knowing how to shop smarter will help you hit those 50's, 70's, even 90% off of Brand Name items!

And this brings me to why I'm writing this to You to begin with!

I want you to learn how to save as well, because I completely understand the price of grocery bills, and how little you buy for the tons of money you pump into these supermarkets and Walmart every week!

BUT It Has to END!  Buying groceries is one of the most underestimated bills you will ever have in your home!  Why?  We all need to eat, and so we tend to spend, spend, and SPEND money without thought on it, as we all need to eat!  

But why feed them more and more of your hard earned money?  You shouldn't have to give the supermarkets and Walmart most of your money if you don't have to, especially if you may be in a situation like I went through as well!  Again, I pray and hope that is not the case at all!  But this is the very reason why I pushed on, to learn how to save, and I want to show you how to save on groceries Now also!!

If YOU want some financial independence and a relief on some of the tensions going on with high grocery bills and other financess, then you need to spend less on groceries, plain and simple!  And I don't mean next week, or next month, I mean as early as Today!!

This is why I decided to write a concise eBook that will save you lots of time doing your own research and trial and errors in figuring out how to use coupons, where to get them, and other tasks that would take you time to research.  

I wanted to make things easy for you, because I didn't have anyone to guide me by the hand in setting things up and attacking the supermarkets with some great savings and deals!

I want you to be able to save money like I did, and to feel a bit less stressed with financial woes.  I know it's helped me a great deal in saving what I've saved so far, and I want you to live at ease as well.  

Though I'm not saying to quit your day job by any means, I am saying that this process will help you save some extra money!  And in the end, we can all afford to save extra money, especially in this tense recession!  

So that's why I've decided to write this ebook!  Still drinking that cup of coffee I suggested earlier?  

You'll want to take a sip and read on...

Bringing you the Spend Less on Groceries - Couponing Guide

Spend Less on Groceries - Couponing Guide

I wrote this couponing guide because I know what I went through with having to learn the ropes from scratch, and I figure, why should you have to do the same.

I completely understand that time is limited, and with a lot of things going on in your daily life, such as work or children or school and other things, you may just not have the time to sit and start doing a bunch of research to start learning how to shop smarter and use couponing to your advantage.  

And since I've already gone through a lot of the hard work and labor of researching and figuring it all out, you won't have to!  I want you to learn how to save on groceries so that you can have your own success stories to share as well!

This is my process, written in this easy to understand ebook.  

I could've done a video course, and maybe down the line, I'll offer one, but I know personally that it is much easier to look through and skim a book to learn the ropes fast, versus sitting down and watching 10 minute videos for a couple of hours or more.

I want you to learn how to save on groceries today, and videos can be too lengthy!

Again, your time is precious, especially if you have children... trust me, my wife and I know firsthand with our precious little son.

And with this Couponing Guide, you'll be able to implement couponing as soon as today to start your journey on saving as much as I have or more!  You'll be able to reduce your monthly grocery bills substantially!  I've been doing it since I got into it, and as of the last few months, I've had to buy only minimal items as I've managed to stock up on various grocery items using my method.

Could you imagine saving $400 a month in groceries?

Could you imagine reducing your grocery bills by at least 50%?  Or even better, 70% off?  If you were already paying $600 a month, wouldn't it be great to spend less on groceries and shave that bill down to a rough $200.00 a month instead?  What could you do with the extra $400 a month that you save?

You have countless things you could do with the extra money you'll save each month in groceries once you learn my process.  You could use the extra money for things like:

  • Paying extra money towards your mortgage to pay it off faster!
  • Putting money in savings for those extra rainy days you may not have planned for!
  • Have some money set aside for possible car repairs later on!
  • Start building savings accounts for your children for their college funds!
  • Take a vacation and get away from it all for awhile!
  • Pay off credit card debts and other expenses!
  • Pamper yourself or buy that big flat screen TV you always wanted!
  • Your imagination is the limit!

It really depends on you as to what you do with your savings, but wouldn't it be great to just say you've saved extra money?

Will I be able to do it?  I don't know much of anything about couponing!

If you're not a couponing expert, you won't have to worry.  My ebook will show you how to save on groceries so that you can start doing so today.  In fact, let me briefly answer some common questions that may already be on your mind:

Do I need to have couponing experience?

  • Not at all.  Whether you're familiar to couponing or have no clue as to what couponing actually is, you can still achieve great savings on your grocery bills after reading this eBook.

Do I need to buy anything else to make this work?

  • The only thing you'll need to buy will be this eBook to learn the ropes of couponing and how you can start saving today!!  I mention a few things in the eBook that will help you if you buy them, but they are not mandatory for you to save money!

How fast can I start seeing savings results?

  • Once you've completely read the ebook, you can start as soon as today with some of the methods and things you can do to obtain groceries, and picking up a few items!

If I'm familiar with couponing, will this be of benefit to me?

  • I always see any new program or method to be of benefit to anyone.  No matter how much we learn, we all do things differently, so you will more than likely still pick up some gems from this eBook as well.

I already shop at Walmart which is cheaper than supermarkets... will this help me?

  • I actually cover in my ebook, as to why you'll consider the supermarkets once you learn the ropes, and how Walmart for me is now a distant memory, and how it will be for you as well once you've read this ebook!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at glopez@spendlessongroceries.com and I'll be happy to help with your questions as best as I can.

I am confident that this ebook will help you spend less on groceries, whether you're advanced, or a complete newbie to couponing!

Here's What the Spend Less on Groceries - Couponing Guide Covers

  • The different coupon types that are available for you to use.
  • How coupons are worth more dollar value than you may be aware of.
  • Where you can use your coupons and how to use this to your advantage.
  • Things you should NOT do regarding coupons so as not to wind up in Federal trouble.
  • The Tools you should set up today to get you started in the right direction.
  • How to use your local grocery stores to your advantage and to help you save more!
  • Finding where to get your coupons and how your Sunday paper is possibly the least effective place to get them from.
  • Why Walmart isn't the best place to shop for ALL of your grocery needs and how you may hardly return once you learn the tips in this book.
  • A few examples of exactly how I saved a chunk of money on some of the items I have, to give you an idea on how you can use coupons and supermarkets or grocery stores to your benefit.
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Through my process and couponing, I've actually managed to save over $1,500 on groceries in a few months of time that would probably value at well over $3,500 or $4,000 total.  And that's taking into account that I was learning the ropes earlier on before learning how to save even better.

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I am big on writing or creating something that will be of value and that will help people.  And, though there is a bit of information on the internet as to couponing, you would have to spend hours sifting through and selecting the bits of information that would be of some help to you.  And still, there are no actual websites that I'm aware of that provide free "walk you by the hand" couponing guidance such as the eBook I've written.

With that said, I had debated on setting up the price of this ebook to $47, but still felt this was a bit high in price to where many that are struggling with finances or that may even be skeptical are wililng to spend, even though I know that at $47, you'll more than be able to make this back up in the first month of couponing using my methods.

So after thinking about it and debating on it, I felt that making this eBook $27.00 would be a reasonable price that would be affordable to everyone that is really serious about saving money by spending less on groceries.  I know that if I placed this for free, many would probably buy it, but as with most free ebooks, they tend to get glanced over and forgotten.  However, people tend to really get serious when they've invested in something, and so I priced it at $27.00, a very reasonable and affordable price that will help you save thousands within the first year of couponing!

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